South Saskatchewan
Montana's Missouri River Country


The vast, rural landscapes of Canada's South Saskatchewan and Montana's Missouri River Country hold the promise of an international travel experience like no other. Here, there's room to roam through the sweeping grandeur of the Great Plains terrain our nations share. Here, there's room to discover awe-inspiring settings for favorite outdoor pursuits and welcoming communities where small-town charm and tradition run deep. And here, there's room to reflect on how much these regions have in common — as well as the ways their individual histories and cultures make them unique.

The border doesn't limit this landscape or the stories within it, and it needn't limit your adventures either.

In a single trip, with a simple crossing of the 49th parallel, see the breathtaking sunsets that are a hallmark of South Saskatchewan's “Living Skies” and the mesmerizing stargazing in the night skies of Missouri River Country, some of the darkest in the continental U.S. Trace the history and experience the culture of the indigenous and First Nation tribes that have called this area home for centuries. Enjoy prime recreation spots — some of which you might be lucky enough to have mostly to yourself — as well as the festivals, rodeos and fairs that bring visitors and friendly small-town residents together. So much awaits in your journey of two-nation exploration.

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Beyond the 49th Parallel is a partnership between the neighboring regional tourism organizations of South Saskatchewan Ready in Canada and Missouri River Country in Northeast Montana to promote travel across the 49th parallel — otherwise known as the U.S.-Canada border. Where many see a boundary between nations, we see boundless opportunity for exploration and connection, and we encourage travelers to discover what these regions have in common as well as the differences that make them uniquely their own.

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Our curated, multi-day travel itineraries highlight memorable points of interest — and many hidden gems — that stretch between our countries, showcasing the best of both South Saskatchewan and Missouri River Country.


International travel—even between close neighbors—requires some preparation. Where and when can you cross the border? What documentation do you need? Will your phone work when you leave your home country? Check out our travel information and tips to help you plan for your two-nation exploration.

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